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Our Products

1.CRYLOTECH DLX: Crylotech has been used successfully All Over India, as Elastomeric Waterproof Coationg at various sites that include Liberty Cinema (25,000 Sq. ft.), Ushamilan C.H.S. (18,000 Sq. ft.), Mahindra Gesco Developers Ltd. (5,000 Sq. ft.), Taj Connenara- Chennai ( 19000 Sq. Ft.). As a Waterproof Coating Crylotech DLX has to be applied @ 0.5 Kg. / sq.m.

2.CRYLOTECH STD: The Product can be used as an Elastomeric Paint, where the requirement is not waterproofing but a decorative paint @ 0.2 – 0.25 Kg. / sq.m. As a Elastomeric paint the coating shall provide waterproofing for 2-3 years. The product has been used as an elastomeric Paint at various sites like Sahitya Sahawas C.H.S. (90,000 Sq. ft.), Mahindra Gesco Developers Ltd. (5,000 Sq. ft.).

3. CRYLOCON: Crylocon is a polymer that can be used effectively for the restorative repairs at the level of column, beam, ceiling and sunken slabs etc. When mixed either with cement or specially supplied powder, it could be used as Polymer Modified Cementatious Waterproof Coating before brick bat coba and also for the treatment of terrace related leakages over brick bat.

4. MEMBRANE AND HEAT INSULATION: We use membranes waterproofing. For heat insulation perpose we can also use Roofmate of thickness of 25 mm., heat insulation product.

We also provide Epoxy Floorings to industrial houses perticularly for food base and Pharmacuitical companies.
5. EPOXY FLOORING & COATING: The company undertake the jobs for providing Epoxy Floorings of different thickness, i.e. 250 micron to 7 mm

The thickness of the flooring depends upon the wear & tear, load characteristic, client needs.

It is important to protect the flooring with day to day cleaing and using rubber / nylon wheels to the trolley, transporting materials.

The Right Product with Right Application on structurally Sound Surface is Important before any application.

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